The Warrior’s Path: Cover and Blurb revealed!

It’s official now: The Warrior’s Path is coming on October 17! To pre-order now from Amazon, tab HERE.

The amazing cover, designed by Deranged Doctor Design, is revealed today. Hold your breath, ladies and gentlemen.

Behold. . .

The mighty Masolon!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00006]

Blood was his sin. Now blood is his redemption.

A true warrior never stains his hands with the blood of an innocent.

Forced to slay his father to avoid committing atrocities of war, Masolon flees the justice of his clansmen, through the madness of the haunted desert, to the fabled lands of Gorania—a journey he survives with his body, but not with his mind.

Tormented by the guilt of his sin, Masolon seeks redemption through the war he wages against the tyranny of lords and the savagery of outlaws. As enemies and false friends close in from all sides, Masolon must discover if it’s possible to find peace in Gorania for his restless heart…while following the bloody path of a warrior.


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