The World of Gorania: Never Dishonor The Tales

With less than seven days remaining for the release of Queen of Rebels, it won’t harm to go through this elective crash course of Goranian history. A whole year has passed since Masolon’s first ride across the Goranian realms, so we all (me included) need to refresh our memories.

Lesson 1: Gorania (told by Kuslov, Master of all Trackers)

To Goranians, Gorania is their whole world, and Tales of Gorania is the heritage that has been passed for thousands of years to tell the succeeding generations everything about their history and myths. So, do not ever try to question the Tales. You dishonor the Tales, and the Goranians will loathe you.

According to the Tales, Gorania is named after Goran the Great; a Bermanian king who was the first to unite the six realms under his rule. The only realm his forces hadn’t set foot on its ground was Koya, so you see, those Koyans have never been part of Gorania, and they will never be.

Goran’s vast empire sprawled from the Frozen shores in the north to the Great Desert in the south. However, his weak descendants weren’t able to keep his great empire, tearing it again into six struggling kingdoms. As I told you, Koya was never part of Gorania, so they were never part of any struggle between the six realms.

No one has ever returned from the Great Desert or the Cursed Waters to tell what lies there, but it is believed they are inhabited by demons. That is what everyone will tell you, but let me tell you a secret; I used to know a warrior who had come from some far lands beyond the Great Desert. Yes, I am telling you the truth. So, as you see; the Tales might be wrong about some things. But as I told you earlier, do not dishonor the Tales.

Religion? Well, Goranian factions worship the Lord of Sky and Earth, except for the Koyans and most of the Mankol tribes. Me? I am a Rusakian, so I worship the Lord of Sky and Earth as well.

What languages do we speak? Each realm of the six had its own ancient tongue, but Goran the Great has replaced all these tongues with the Goranian Tongue for thousands of years. However, Goranians still teach their children the ancient tongues of their ancestors, even if they do not use it every day.

Want you leave an impression when you meet a pretty Rusakian girl? Repeat with me: ya tebya lyublu. Blast! Your accent is horrible! Say it again. Good, much better. What does it mean? Trust me, you will like the consequences.

Want to hear more? Wait here until I pay a visit to the privy.


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