The World of Gorania: Bermania

Unlike The Warrior’s Path, Queen of Rebels (coming in three days) is centered in one kingdom, chronicling one of the darkest periods in its history. Having said that, we have a couple of scenes in brand-new places we have never been to in Gorania.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Bermania.

There are many reasons for the Bermanian Pride. They are the descendants of Goran the Great, which makes them—as they claim—the rightful heirs of the Goranian throne. The greatest city in Gorania is their capital; Paril or the Jewel of Bermania. The finest knights and strongest horses are raised in their lands. Their weather is neither Murasen-hot nor Rusakian-cold.

Along thousands of years, the Bermanians’ stance toward other realms has varied, but their long-standing enmity with Byzonta has been an exception. The mountainous realm used to be part of Augarin, Bermania’s southernmost region.

It is always a debate whose cavalry is the best; Bermanians or Murasens. There is nothing in the ancient Tales of Gorania about a battle between the two mighty kingdoms.

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