The World of Gorania: Rusakia

In The Warrior’s Path, Masolon didn’t spend in Rusakia as much time as he did in Murase, but the impact of his two visits to the kingdom of snow will always be carved deep in his memories. While you may guess there will be little to happen in Rusakia in Queen of Rebels, I can assure you, this kingdom is one of the major playgrounds in the upcoming books.

Rusakians have a special bond with snow. Snow is part of their blood (literally, they believe so), and it is their protective shield that has always defended them against their enemies. A city like Durberg was built long time ago far north to be always the Rusakians’ last shelter in case an enemy invaded them. According to the Tales of Gorania, it happened thousands of years ago that the Mankols once pushed the Rusakians north beyond Pyotsberg. But when winter came, Rusakians marched from Durberg and the castle Sabirev, and vanquished their frozen invaders for good.

The tension seldom settles down between Rusakia and its neighbors, especially with Bermania, because of the eternal dispute over the great fortress of Karun that was named after the first-born son of King Goran the Great. It never happened that the great fortress had remained more than two decades in row in the same kingdom. Rusakians claim that the fortress had always been a Rusakian land before the age of the Goranian Empire.

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