The World of Gorania: Byzonta

Now the sale is over, let’s resume our Goranian lessons. Spread your scrolls if you want to jot down notes.

Byzonta is named after Baizent, who declared himself the first King of Byzonta, ending decades of the Bermanian sovereignty over this southwestern mountainous pocket. For centuries, the Bermanians had tried to reconquest this realm, but they were never able to make use of their powerful cavalry on the Byzont bumpy lands. The Byzonts, on the other hand, have proven themselves the masters of defense. They used to have their own cavalry force until their crushing defeat, hundreds of years ago, in one of the rare occasions they fought away from their homeland. Since then, infantry and sharpshooters have been forming the majority of the Byzont army.

Byzonts are also masters of spices and herbs, which makes them the most skillful chefs and the deadliest assassins in Gorania. Their merchants rule the naval trade business alongside the Skandivians, but their smugglers are unrivaled.

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