The World of Gorania: Skandivia

Skandivians call themselves the Sons of Giants. Although their tales about their ten-feet-tall ancestors seem to be exaggerated, Skandivians remain the tallest men in Gorania.

Skandivian armies do not rely so much on cavalry; a sort of honoring the legacy of their ancient grandfathers who never used horses in their wars. A giant never needs a horse, they say. Which makes them the deadliest foot warriors in the lands of Gorania.

An entire map of Gorania was drawn one thousand years ago, thanks to the bravery of Skandivian adventurous explorers. However, they never knew what lied beyond the Great Desert—which is believed to be the end of the Goranian world.

The war between Rusakia and Skandivia at their borders occasionally stops, but the case is a bit different with Bermania, where their history together is full of ups and downs.

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