The World of Gorania: Mankola

Now it is time to tell you about the sixth realm of Gorania.

Mankols are warriors by instinct thanks to their bloody tribal conflicts that tore their lands apart. But that reign ended one hundred years ago when Sanjar united the clans and called himself the Kaan of all Mankols—which means ‘king’ in the old Mankol tongue. Since then, the Mankol realm has become a threat to its neighbors with its huge army and endless gold.

The Mankols stand out from all other Goranian factions with their own beliefs and values. First, the majority of them do not worship the Lord of Sky and Earth—a fact that makes them loathed by other factions. Second, horses are essential components of their lives since their early childhood. It’s said that: “You may find a Mankol without a house; but not without a horse.” A Mankol who can’t ride a horse is not a Mankol. It’s not strange, then, that the Mankol army has no infantry. Even archers are mounted. According to the Tales of Gorania, Mankols can speak the tongue of horses.

Third, unlike other Goranians, Mankols don’t trade internally with gold—which is of little value to them. They only use it in their trades with other realms.

Strangely enough, Mankols don’t rely on castles to defend their lands. However, any foreign commander, who may think of invading the Mankols, must put into consideration that he’s going to face the masters of open field battles. He has to survive endless hordes of the fastest cavalry in Gorania.

So, after this quick overview, you think we are done? No, my friend. We still have the cursed realm. We will talk about it later!

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