The World of Gorania: Koya

Now we come to the last realm in the Goranian world.

Most of Goranians do not consider the islands of Koya part of Gorania. The fact that it’s the only kingdom that was never conquered by Goran the Great could be the reason for that.

As they were never involved in big wars with other factions, Koyans are believed to be peaceful people. Still they have the biggest fleet in Gorania to watch over their shores.

The only bond between Koyans and other realms is naval trading. Generally, they don’t live outside their islands, and in return, no outsider is allowed to live in Koya. Another reason for Goranians to ignore the existence of Koyans, and also to weave a lot of myths around the Koyan’s mysterious life in their isolated islands. To name a few of those myths: Koyans teach sorcery to their kids; dragons, rocs, and mammoths do exist in their islands; Koyans’ boats can sail unharmed through the Boiled Eyes and they know secret gates in the water that take them to the Endless Sea.

Want to refresh your memory? Check the scrolls below:









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