Throne of Ruins Reactions

A month has passed since the release of Throne of Ruins, and so far we are getting positive reactions about the third book in Tales of Gorania. Here below, I’m glad to share a bunch of spoiler-free quotes.

“Mr. Soliman again shows some amazing attention to detail when it comes to battles and warfare. I have to say that I am getting some Wheel of Time vibes mixed with Riyria vibes when it comes to the pure artistry and poetry ascribed to the details.”

“it just keeps getting more interesting!”

“As always the characters are timeless, the action is fast & furious and the plot twists and turns will keep you reading on to find out what happens and then what will happen.”

“The battle scenes are exciting, like you are really seeing them.” 

THRONE OF RUINS is like a jolt of electricity running from that first page to the last, jagged, intense and will leave readers unable to let go and the intrigue reaches even darker depths”

Are you curious now? Resume your ride in Gorania from here.

If you are new to Gorania, then this is where you had better start.

Stay tuned, folks!

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