The End They Deserve

4 weeks ago, Tales of Gorania was concluded with the fourth book in the series Kingdoms of Ash. The reviews are positive so far, and you have no idea how relieved I feel right now! I spent almost 50% of the editing time of the entire book in tweaking its final few chapters to make sure Masolon and the rest of the characters got the ending they all deserve, though it was hard for me to say goodbye to all those folks who had been part of my life for over six years.

So, what do they say about book 4 and the series in general? I’m sharing below a collection of spoiler-free quotes:

“Breathtaking action, heartbreaking romance, non-stop intrigue!”

“an epic ending to a hugely entertaining series.”

“As always the engaging cast of characters, nonstop intrigue/action, and a very well written storyline keeps us readers on the edge of our seats as we eagerly devour each page from beginning to end.”

“like a Wheel of Time book with more fast-paced drama.”

“This is one of those series that I will read again.”

“The battle scenes made you feel like you were watching it on TV.”

So, if you’re a veteran Goranian, this is where your adventure ends.

But if you’re a first-timer, start here.

And. . . stay tuned!

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