Annihilation: How it should have ended?

I never anticipated ARC reviewers’ feedback as I did with Annihilation, the final book in the Bermuda Trilogy. Though it is my personal favorite in the series, I wasn’t sure about the readers’ reactions because the book was a little bit different from Bermuda and Evolution.

While the first two books in the series are fast-paced, action-fueled adventures, Annihilation is more of a psycho-thriller. Not that everybody hates psycho-thrillers, but it is not what my readers would exactly expect in this book.

Fortunately, the reviews are encouraging so far:

Great science fiction blended with psychological thriller.”

I loved that I legit could not predict what would happen next, right up to the big whammy of an ending (wowza!)

If you enjoy science fiction, “what if” scenarios and a quest to save the world, this series should be on your MUST read list!

A happy ending or a logical conclusion?

Annihilation is not my first book to change its ending, but this one had a totally different ending until I was writing the last two chapters.  (Warning: mild spoilers ahead if you haven’t read Annihilation yet).

My original plan was to conclude the Bermuda series in the happiest way for mankind, and I was already following on that direction. However, at some point, I didn’t feel that ending would make sense 100%. And that’s when I took a few steps back, and changed the course  a little bit. In the current ending, my focus is on the characters we root for; they do deserve a break after all they have been through. As for mankind, well, mankind shall wait, I guess.

Haven’t you started your one-way ride to Bermuda yet? Click here and prepare for a sci-thriller loaded with suspense.



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