Bermuda Boxed Set is Live!

How could a plane crash trigger global extinction?

The complete Bermuda series is now available in one volume. Download the 3 books BERMUDA, EVOLUTION, and ANNIHILATION at once and lose yourself in an action-packed sci-fi thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.

What do they say about this series?

Karim Soliman takes the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle to an intense, spine-tingling level.
Great science fiction blended with psychological thriller.
A unique plotline and lots of twists and turns.
Fabulous characters, both good and evil, non-stop action and turmoil!

Don’t miss this limited-time deal: for only $2.99 (£2.24 on Amazon UK), you can pre-order this boxed set. Remember, this special deal is only available during the pre-order period.

Until we meet again, fellow humans.

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