Army of the Cursed

The Demons are coming to annihilate us. We are not ready.

It has been a while, folks. About time I revealed the cover of my upcoming book Army of the Cursed.

ARMY OF THE CURSED is going to be book 1 of WAR OF THE LAST DAY. The new series chronicles the end of the Goranian world, whose only hope rests in the hands of three clueless teenagers (One of them is portrayed on the cover). I’m still working on a preliminary blurb, and surely, I will share it with you when it is ready.

According to my own tracking sheet, which is usually accurate, I’m supposed to finish the first draft in mid-November. After that, I will send the manuscript to my editor and then, it will be revised again before going through a final round of proofreading. When all of that is done, I will gladly announce that ARCs are ready.

More details about ARCs and how to join my reviewers’ team will come in the following newsletters. So, stay tuned.

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