Doom is only a matter of time

The clock is ticking! We only have 10 days before releasing Army of the Cursed, which is on a discount during its pre-order period. For those who love to get hold of a paperback copy, I have good news: the paperbacks are available already.

Is Army of the Cursed a YA fantasy?
In terms of protagonists’ age and the levels of profanity & violence: the answer is yes. However, I had many adult readers who liked the story. The graph below shows the different age groups of my beta-readers. 


Do I have to read Tales of Gorania first?

No, you don’t. Though Army of the Cursed is set in the same world of Gorania, the book is part of a totally standalone series with a brand new cast of main characters. That said, veteran readers from ToG will relate to a few returning characters.

Can I still request an ARC?
Sure, you can as long as you have either an Amazon or a Goodreads account. Having both is much better.
To join my Reviewers team, fill this form.

What is an ARC in the first place?
An Advance Read Copy is a free copy I give away for an honest review.

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