An offer you can’t refuse

As I’m celebrating the launch of Army of the Cursed, the first book of my new series War of the Last Day, I’m announcing that Tales of Gorania Boxed Set is available for only 99 cents instead of $9.99. I repeat, for less than one dollar, you can get the four books bundled together in a single volume.

Tales of Gorania: An Epic Fantasy Boxed Set by [Karim Soliman]

The sale is available on Amazon US & UK for a limited time.

The Cursed have arrived

“A thrilling read.” 
“Great characters and lots of action.”
“Boldly written, rich in detail and filled with characters that seem to actually breathe as they leap off the pages in a world where magic, betrayals and fear of the unknown loom ominously all around.”


I’m quoting above from the reviews that started to trickle in on Goodreads. As you see, the early readers’ reactions are encouraging so far.

Though it is set in Gorania, Army of the Cursed is the first book of a standalone series with brand new main characters. That said, veteran Tales of Gorania fans will relate with a few returning familiar faces.

P.S. If you are curious to learn more about the Goranian past, this weekend is your chance. Don’t miss the boxed set deal.

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