7 Reasons why you should get Army of the Cursed today

The people of Gorania are on the brink of extinction.

Crouching at their borders is an army of demon-possessed immortals that will never stop until every Goranian city is wiped off the face of the earth. While all Goranians realize that their doom is just a matter of time, their fate could be resting in the hands of a hapless trio: a mage’s apprentice who relies on her wits rather than magic; a princess who seeks the ultimate weapon against demons, but first, she has to survive the turmoil of civil war; and a warrior whose swordplay could prove more useful against a threat graver than the bandits infesting his village. Would the three unite before it is too late?

Haven’t you grabbed your copy of Army of the Cursed yet? Perhaps one of the reasons below convinces you: 

  1. You love epic fantasy with high stakes & multiple POVs
  2. It’s on a 99c sale for a limited time (Amazon US & UK)
  3. You can read it for free if you are on Kindle Unlimited
  4. I wrote that book ðŸ˜
  5. Readers say stuff about my characters like “incredible, and he truly brings them to life” and “everyone including the side characters is just about ready to walk right off the page.
  6. You happen to enjoy fast-paced fantasy with vivid action scenes and epic battles
  7. All of the above ðŸ¤·â€â™‚️

Do I have your attention now? Great! Tab/click the cover or the big button below to start a thrilling ride into the fabled lands of Gorania.

See you there!

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