New Year, New Project

Happy new year from Cairo!

2022 is around the corner, and we are about to say goodbye to 2021; a year that wasn’t that bad to me, I must admit. I released two books of a new series, I had my highest-ever number of pre-orders, but Highlight of the Year was earning this badge…

My New Project – Early access to you!

After releasing Tattered Banners, I took a long break from writing, and I don’t regret it. I had the chance to watch Hawkeye series and Spiderman: No Way Home with my daughter. I learned new PlayStation tricks from my little brat. I watched Arcane, The Witcher Season 2, and The Wheel of Time (Arcane was my favorite by the way; what about you?). Yeah, I can hear you: they were all indoor activities. Winter has come here in Egypt, and we are not winter people.   
Now, after 34 days of hibernation, I have switched on my writing engines, and I’m back with a new surprise project: The Third Crossing.

The story follows the journey of a mage and a smuggler who will have to forge a shaky alliance for two contradictory reasons: one of them is after the Emperor’s favor, the other running away from his justice. Can the two unlikely ‘friends’ trust each other? Or will eventually one of them get rid of the other to serve their own agenda?

The Third Crossing is for everyone! If you are not familiar with any of my books, this story is for you. If you are coming from Tattered Banners or Army of the Cursed, you will definitely enjoy this one. If you have just finished Tales of Gorania; well, this story happens just after the events of Kingdoms of Ash 🙂

Want to have a taste? Check Chapter 1: The Turtle and the Wraith here. I will be glad to hear your thoughts about it.

See you next year!

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