Now you see me – Givewaway

I just realized I haven’t posted in almost two months. Where was I? Ah right, I was lost in that novella I’m working on (It’s currently +41k words, so I’m not sure about its ‘novella’ status).

Last Sunday, I was featured by Dominic Gaiden on his YouTube Channel dominish_books, where I hijacked his episode for a couple of minutes to talk about my SPFBO Semi-finalist Army of the Cursed. Just in case you’re curious to see and hear the humble guy writing to you, you may check the video below.

And in case seeing/hearing me doesn’t intrigue you enough; well, I’m giving away one paperback + 3 ebooks of Army of the Cursed. Dom explains how to enter the giveaway in that episode. So don’t miss it! You have less than 48 hours before the giveaway is over!

By the way, Dom is a fantasy nerd. If you are looking for fantasy books reviews and recommendations, his YouTube channel is the right place for you. 

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