TTC has a release date

It has been decided! My upcoming novel The Third Crossing, the prequel to the SPFBO Semi-finalist Army of the Cursed, will be released on August 1, 2022. So, stay tuned, my friend. We are having an exciting summer this year 😁


As you surely know, positive reviews are crucial for a successful launch. I’ve already sent the first batch of my review copies to my ARC Team, and now I’m ready to send another one. If you’d like to have a free e-copy of The Third Crossing for an honest review, you may get it via StoryOrigin or you may fill out this Form instead. (Don’t worry it’s working this time 😅)

If you’re not sure if The Third Crossing is something right up your alley, you may check its Goodreads page for the blurb and a couple of encouraging reviews. Or perhaps this pic below will do 🙂


Have any questions or thoughts about anything? Feel free to contact me.

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