Throne of Ruins is Live!

It’s happening, folks! Throne of Ruins is live on Amazon now! Check the blurb below this stunning cover! All fight for one crown. Everybody loses. After a costly victory on the fields of Ramos, Rona prepares for one last battle to end the war that has torn her realm apart. But when a titanic army from the South marches to her city, she realizes that … Continue reading Throne of Ruins is Live!

The World of Gorania: Koya

Now we come to the last realm in the Goranian world. Most of Goranians do not consider the islands of Koya part of Gorania. The fact that it’s the only kingdom that was never conquered by Goran the Great could be the reason for that. As they were never involved in big wars with other factions, Koyans are believed to be peaceful people. Still they … Continue reading The World of Gorania: Koya

The World of Gorania: Mankola

Now it is time to tell you about the sixth realm of Gorania. Mankols are warriors by instinct thanks to their bloody tribal conflicts that tore their lands apart. But that reign ended one hundred years ago when Sanjar united the clans and called himself the Kaan of all Mankols—which means ‘king’ in the old Mankol tongue. Since then, the Mankol realm has become a threat to its … Continue reading The World of Gorania: Mankola

The World of Gorania: Skandivia

Skandivians call themselves the Sons of Giants. Although their tales about their ten-feet-tall ancestors seem to be exaggerated, Skandivians remain the tallest men in Gorania. Skandivian armies do not rely so much on cavalry; a sort of honoring the legacy of their ancient grandfathers who never used horses in their wars. A giant never needs a horse, they say. Which makes them the deadliest foot warriors in the lands of … Continue reading The World of Gorania: Skandivia

The World of Gorania: Byzonta

Now the sale is over, let’s resume our Goranian lessons. Spread your scrolls if you want to jot down notes. Byzonta is named after Baizent, who declared himself the first King of Byzonta, ending decades of the Bermanian sovereignty over this southwestern mountainous pocket. For centuries, the Bermanians had tried to reconquest this realm, but they were never able to make use of their powerful cavalry on … Continue reading The World of Gorania: Byzonta

Release Day Sale!

It’s a day to remember in Goranian history: Queen of Rebels is now live on Amazon! On this glorious occasion, your extremely humble writer has decided to reduce the price of Book 1, The Warrior’s Path, from $4.99 to $0.99! Yes, squander 99 cents today, and start your journey with Masolon in the fabled lands of Gorania. But don’t come unarmed. Your companion in this journey … Continue reading Release Day Sale!