Blurb & Index

A mage and a smuggler will have to forge a shaky alliance for two contradictory reasons: one of them is after the Emperor’s favor, the other running away from his justice. Can the two unlikely ‘friends’ trust each other? Or will eventually one of them get rid of the other to serve their own agenda?

Chapters Index

  1. The Turtle and the Wraith
  2. Sun Castle
  3. A Deal with the Devil
  4. Seijos and Mahonos
  5. Cherry Blossom
  6. No Wounds to Lick
  7. The Light Behind the Mountain
  8. My Inevitable Fate
  9. The Way of Mages
  10. Suspect
  11. There will be Blood
  12. Family Before Faith
  13. Calm Before the Storm
  14. Hills of Hokydo
  15. Kings of Hokydo
  16. No Harm Done