Bermuda Boxed Set

The complete Bermuda series is now available in one volume. Download the 3 books BERMUDA, EVOLUTION, and ANNIHILATION at once and lose yourself in an action-packed sci-fi thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.


They told us the Devil’s Triangle was a myth.
They lied.

For the whole world, it’s the most horrendous plane crash of the century. For Heather and her team from the Pentagon, it is a sign from the Devil’s Triangle. Bermuda is awake.

Her mission is to gather evidence from the infamous Triangle. It’s a one-way ride. If she comes back, she will make history.

But history is not always what we’re told. For ages, the Triangle has contained an ancient threat to the existence of mankind. Heather’s return might mean the end of humanity.


The Shomrunks have arrived. Prepare to be replaced.

With no way to stop or even detect them, the Shomrunks’ supremacy all over the globe seems inevitable. It’s only a matter of time until all humans become their minions, or worse, evolve into a new race of soulless humanoids.

Still, a speck of hope for mankind arises.

Jacey and Jason discover their invulnerability to the Shomrunks’ powers. But the upcoming fight could be bigger than a pair of gifted twins. Being the only humans who can see the enemy, it is nearly impossible to convince anybody else that there is a war in the first place. The young siblings will have to decide whether they should give in, or stand on their own against the wave of evolution.


Kill when you doubt. Hesitate and you die.

After the failure of their plan of Evolution, the Shomrunks make their final move and start the phase of Annihilation. Now the greatest — and perhaps the last — war in the history of mankind is about to begin. A war the humans will only win if they abandon their humanity.