Tales of Gorania

“Breathtaking action, heartbreaking romance, non-stop intrigue!”—5-star GR Review

“Brilliant battle scenes, espionage, political machinations and a kaleidoscope of characters light up each page!”—5-star GR Review

The Warrior’s Path

Blood is his sin.
Blood will be his redemption.

The name of Masolon will be cursed until the end of days. The warrior, who finds himself forced to slay his father to prevent a massacre, shall never find peace for his damnable soul. To escape the justice of his clansmen and the shame of kinslaying, the young outcast braves the haunted desert until he reaches the fabled lands of Gorania. A journey he survives with his body, but not with his mind.

Tormented by the guilt of his sin, Masolon seeks redemption through the war he wages against the remorseless outlaws who infest every corner in Gorania. But Masolon has to be careful; away from his homeland, a hero could easily be regarded as a threat to the Goranian order if one concerned lord decides so.

Now enemies and false friends close in from all sides. And Masolon, betrayed and outnumbered, must win one decisive battle to earn the peace he has been pursuing. But in the brutal world of Gorania, peace could just be a delusion. Masolon’s path to redemption could be a lie after all.

Queen of Rebels

One girl loses her family.
An entire kingdom is going to pay.

While Masolon seeks a new start in his peaceful exile, he finds himself trapped in a horrendous civil war devastating the Bermanian realm. A murdered girl from his village awakens his dormant demon, provoking him to defy the rebels and their bloodthirsty queen who will do whatever it takes to claim the Bermanian throne. Whatever it takes; like for instance, erasing a whole village from existence.

Against a titanic army of seasoned soldiers, Masolon has to defend his village with a bunch of gullible peasants. In a battle he can never win, his death could be the only way to spare the lives of hundreds. But it might unleash what the ancient Tales of Gorania have been warning about since the beginning of time. 

Throne of Ruins

All fight for one crown.
Everybody loses.

After a costly victory on the fields of Ramos, Rona prepares for one last battle to end the war that has torn her realm apart. But when a titanic army from the South marches to her city, she realizes that whoever ends up sitting on the throne will rule nothing but a kingdom of ruins.

Now trapped between life and death, Masolon unveils more secrets behind his demonic passage through the Great Desert. His exile might have been fated for the salvation of his soul and all other souls in Gorania. In other words: their doom.

Kingdoms of Ash

Death for the defeated.
Ash for the victors.

While doom is about to descend upon the world from the Great Desert, the kings of Gorania unite for their first time in centuries to oust the demonic ruler of Bermania from his throne. Masolon, the warrior who has abandoned his path of redemption for the sake of lust and power, is about to fight his hardest battle ever. Probably, his last.