New Year, New Project

Happy new year from Cairo! 2022 is around the corner, and we are about to say goodbye to 2021; a year that wasn’t that bad to me, I must admit. I released two books of a new series, I had my highest-ever number of pre-orders, but Highlight of the Year was earning this badge… My New Project – Early access to you! After releasing Tattered Banners, I took … Continue reading New Year, New Project

Tattered Banners is live! And my sequelphobia

Yeah, baby! If you are one of those who pre-ordered Tattered Banners, then your copy must have appeared on your device last Tuesday already! About my “Sequelphobia”  Reviews are trickling in before Release Day, and they are all good news! While everything said about this book is amazing so far, this particular quote is the one that I have been waiting for: “…even better than the first.” I must admit that … Continue reading Tattered Banners is live! And my sequelphobia

Tattered Banners is live

In case you missed my White Thursday, Tattered Banners is live now on Amazon. Pre-order your copy for only 99c before the price goes back to normal after Launch Day. So, you didn’t get any of the +2K free AoC copies downloaded last weekend? Shame. Seriously, where were you? 🙂 But don’t worry. I have something else for you. Until Launch Day, Army of the … Continue reading Tattered Banners is live

Breaking news to all who miss their Game of Thrones fix

Army of the Cursed is available for FREE on all Amazon marketplaces! And that’s not all, folks… Tattered Banners is live for pre-order! Claim your copy now for only 99c on all Amazon marketplaces before it goes back to its normal price.  Get your FREE copy of Army of the Cursed Pre-order Tattered Banners for only 99c Please, don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon if you like my … Continue reading Breaking news to all who miss their Game of Thrones fix

Army of the Cursed is a semi-finalist!

Last May, I decided to try my luck in the SPFBO this year and see how my latest book “Army of the Cursed” will fare in the competition. After five months of fretting about emails and Facebook notifications, I received the great news: Army of the Cursed is a semi-finalist! So, what is SPFBO? And how does it work? Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (aka SPFBO) is … Continue reading Army of the Cursed is a semi-finalist!

7 Reasons why you should get Army of the Cursed today

The people of Gorania are on the brink of extinction. Crouching at their borders is an army of demon-possessed immortals that will never stop until every Goranian city is wiped off the face of the earth. While all Goranians realize that their doom is just a matter of time, their fate could be resting in the hands of a hapless trio: a mage’s apprentice who … Continue reading 7 Reasons why you should get Army of the Cursed today

Ask me on r/Fantasy

If you are not familiar with r/Fantasy, it is the largest online community for fantasy and sci-fi fans I’ve ever seen—not only on Reddit, but on the entire internet! A few months ago, Army of the Cursed was picked by RAB (Resident Author Book Club: a book club that focuses on books published by authors active on r/Fantasy) to be Book of the Month in September.   What does that mean? … Continue reading Ask me on r/Fantasy

Sequel title decided, by you!

The search for the title of Army of the Cursed sequel is over! Before I announce it, I’d like to thank all who voted for their favorite title. Hopefully, you liked your little surprise on the “Thank You” page 😉 Honestly, I still like both titles, but since the people have spoken, it is not my decision any longer. Alrighty then. Behold! The winning title is: TATTERED BANNERS! The sequel … Continue reading Sequel title decided, by you!

The Sequel Title? You Decide

Sketching horrible maps with vague arrows on them is a critical ritual in my plotting process. But unlike what you might be thinking; getting done with that ritual doesn’t necessarily mean that I know now where and when the main events of the story are going to happen. My characters defy me very often, and eventually, they are the ones setting the course for their … Continue reading The Sequel Title? You Decide