Now you see me – Givewaway

I just realized I haven’t posted in almost two months. Where was I? Ah right, I was lost in that novella I’m working on (It’s currently +41k words, so I’m not sure about its ‘novella’ status). Last Sunday, I was featured by Dominic Gaiden on his YouTube Channel dominish_books, where I hijacked his episode for a couple of minutes to talk about my SPFBO Semi-finalist Army of the Cursed. … Continue reading Now you see me – Givewaway

New Year, New Project

Happy new year from Cairo! 2022 is around the corner, and we are about to say goodbye to 2021; a year that wasn’t that bad to me, I must admit. I released two books of a new series, I had my highest-ever number of pre-orders, but Highlight of the Year was earning this badge… My New Project – Early access to you! After releasing Tattered Banners, I took … Continue reading New Year, New Project

Army of the Cursed is a semi-finalist!

Last May, I decided to try my luck in the SPFBO this year and see how my latest book “Army of the Cursed” will fare in the competition. After five months of fretting about emails and Facebook notifications, I received the great news: Army of the Cursed is a semi-finalist! So, what is SPFBO? And how does it work? Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (aka SPFBO) is … Continue reading Army of the Cursed is a semi-finalist!