I’m a Wattpad Creator Now!

This has become official since the beginning of sweet November. But what does that even mean to you? Simple: wherever you are on this globe, you will be able to read the full, published version of The Third Crossing FOR FREE on Wattpad.  Does signing up to Wattpad cost you anything? The answer is no. And it is pretty simple. All you need is an email address … Continue reading I’m a Wattpad Creator Now!

The Third Crossing on Sale

Believe it or not? A month has passed since I released The Third Crossing, and yet I haven’t received my own copy (Shipping to Egypt is problematic these days). I have been hearing good things about this book so far, and I’m dying to own it 😁 In a sweet gesture, my fellow SPFBO Semi-finalist Palmer Pickering posted this video so that I can have a … Continue reading The Third Crossing on Sale

An exclusive gift to my subscribers

The clock is ticking! We are less than 16 days away from launching my upcoming standalone The Third Crossing to the whole world, so you can imagine how excited I’m right now! As an exclusive pre-launch gift, I’m giving away a free e-copy of The Third Crossing to each and every one of my subscribers! Download it from HERE.  If you haven’t read any of my books before, The Third Crossing … Continue reading An exclusive gift to my subscribers

TTC has a release date

It has been decided! My upcoming novel The Third Crossing, the prequel to the SPFBO Semi-finalist Army of the Cursed, will be released on August 1, 2022. So, stay tuned, my friend. We are having an exciting summer this year 😁 As you surely know, positive reviews are crucial for a successful launch. I’ve already sent the first batch of my review copies to my ARC Team, and now … Continue reading TTC has a release date

Bermuda on Sale!

Starting from June 28, you can get this sci-fi thriller BERMUDA for 99 cents or 99 pence (depends on your preferred marketplace). The discount is available for a limited time, so don’t miss it! So, what do they say about Bermuda on Amazon and Goodreads? “Absolutely brilliant!“ “A fast-paced thriller that keeps you guessing till the end“ “Great book for A. G. Riddle fans.“ “BERMUDA is part science fiction, part suspense and 100% entertainment“ The … Continue reading Bermuda on Sale!

Cruising through Wattpad: How do I get more reads?

Last year, I was invited to an ‘e-conference’ on Wattpad called The Write Conference. I even got a badge. I was supposed to share the wisdom I had acquired during my journey through Wattpad to help its writers—especially new ones—find an answer to their most frequently asked question: how can I get my work noticed on Wattpad? A bunch of veteran Wattpaders claimed they found my talk useful, though. … Continue reading Cruising through Wattpad: How do I get more reads?