The Third Crossing on Sale

Believe it or not? A month has passed since I released The Third Crossing, and yet I haven’t received my own copy (Shipping to Egypt is problematic these days). I have been hearing good things about this book so far, and I’m dying to own it ūüėĀ In a sweet gesture, my fellow SPFBO Semi-finalist Palmer Pickering posted this¬†video so that I can have a … Continue reading The Third Crossing on Sale

Tattered Banners is live

In case you missed my White Thursday, Tattered Banners is live now on Amazon. Pre-order your copy for only 99c before the price goes back to normal after Launch Day. So, you didn’t get any of the +2K free AoC copies downloaded last weekend? Shame. Seriously, where were you? ūüôā But don’t worry. I have something else for you. Until Launch Day, Army of the … Continue reading Tattered Banners is live

Breaking news to all who miss their Game of Thrones fix

Army of the Cursed is available for FREE on all Amazon marketplaces! And that’s not all, folks… Tattered Banners is live for pre-order! Claim your copy now for only 99c on all Amazon marketplaces before it goes back to its normal price.  Get your FREE copy of Army of the Cursed Pre-order Tattered Banners for only 99c Please, don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon if you like my … Continue reading Breaking news to all who miss their Game of Thrones fix

7 Reasons why you should get Army of the Cursed today

The people of Gorania are on the brink of extinction. Crouching at their borders is an army of demon-possessed immortals that will never stop until every Goranian city is wiped off the face of the earth. While all Goranians realize that their doom is just a matter of time, their fate could be resting in the hands of a hapless trio: a mage‚Äôs apprentice who … Continue reading 7 Reasons why you should get Army of the Cursed today

An offer you can’t refuse

As I’m celebrating the launch of Army of the Cursed, the first book of my new series War of the Last Day, I’m announcing that Tales of Gorania Boxed Set is available for only 99 cents instead of $9.99. I repeat, for less than one dollar, you can get the four books bundled together in a single volume. The sale is available on Amazon US & UK for a limited time. The Cursed have … Continue reading An offer you can’t refuse

Army of the Cursed: Ready to pre-order!

Breaking news!¬†Army of the Cursed¬†is available for pre-order on Amazon now! Until its release on Feb 23, it will be discounted to¬†$2.99¬†instead of $4.99. Don’t miss this deal! By now, my Reviewers team should have received an email from me with instructions to help them get their ARCs. If you still want to join them, you can fill this¬†form¬†to get a free copy of¬†Army of … Continue reading Army of the Cursed: Ready to pre-order!

Toss a coin to your warrior

For a limited time, you can squander 99 cents or pence (depends on your faction) from your satchel to get the kindle version of The Warrior’s Path and enter the world of Gorania.  (That dent in the cover? My 4-yr little brat made a last-second intervention to add his mark)So, what do you expect to see in the Tales of Gorania?I prefer to answer with … Continue reading Toss a coin to your warrior