Book Four? Or a Fourth Book?

Good news! Masolon is having a fourth book, and it is going to be posted on Wattpad soon!

As I know you can’t wait to resume Masolon’s journey in Gorania, I hope the following doesn’t disappoint you: the coming book is not book four in the series; it is going to be a prequel for The Warrior’s Path.

What? How dare you, Karim? We want to know what is going to happen to Masolon’s son!

Well, I can safely claim I already have the outlines of at least two sequels for Clash of Kingdoms. Of course, the journey of Masolon’s first born son is the most anticipated storyline. However, for the sake of one of the other storylines, which I have no intention to spoil right now, we need to go backward a little bit. We need to learn more about the origins of Masolon in his homeland. In Ogono.

And trust me, it’s not just a ride to the past. Later you will realize that somehow you are looking at Masolon’s future 😉

Oath of Blood Cover

I’m not sure if it is right to call it book zero in Tales of Gorania series. While the Tales has nothing to do with Ogono, we may hear the name of Gorania as a myth told by an old, demented man. Away from that, the book follows young Masolon who is determined to prove himself worthy of his father’s status as the Chief of the most powerful clan in Ogono. Unfortunately, the young heir faces one of the hardest times Ogono has ever witnessed. As the unstoppable wrath of the Light reduces Ogono to scorched, cursed ground, men turn into beasts, and mercy becomes a sin. Masolon has to decide if he wants to die like a man, or live as a beast.

Excited to discover the origins of Masolon? Check Oath of Blood on Wattpad!

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