Cruising through Wattpad: How do I get more reads?

Last year, I was invited to an ‘e-conference’ on Wattpad called The Write Conference. I even got a badge.

ID Write Conference

I was supposed to share the wisdom I had acquired during my journey through Wattpad to help its writers—especially new ones—find an answer to their most frequently asked question: how can I get my work noticed on Wattpad? A bunch of veteran Wattpaders claimed they found my talk useful, though. A sweet compliment anyway.

Here is my epic talk:

Hey there folks!

In case it’s your first time to e-meet me, my name is Karim Soliman aka KarimSuliman on Wattpad. I’m a member of Wattpad Stars Program, through which I managed to publish a short story in Simon and Schuster’s anthology of “Imagines”. I also had an amazing opportunity to write a 5th Wave novella for Sony Pictures as part of their promotional campaign on Wattpad for their movie 5th Wave. My Sci-Fi book “Bermuda” enjoyed some decent time on top of the Sci-Fi and Action Hotlists. “The Warrior’s Path” has become a featured fantasy book. So, as you see, my second life on Wattpad is not bad so far.

But that wasn’t the case three years ago when I joined the orange community. I started with zero followers. My first book had zero reads, zero votes, and zero comments.

And what did I do in those three years to change that? Everything. I knocked all doors my hands could reach to get my story noticed. Right doors and wrong doors. Unfortunately, these doors were not labeled to know which was which, so I learned the hard way. Trial and error. AND observation. That’s why my Wattpad experience was a bit rich; because I was able to connect the dots, and link the cause with its effect until I managed to grasp the rules of the game.

How is your journey on Wattpad so far? Doing well? Excellent. I’ll really appreciate it if you share your insights with us to enrich this session.

Do you feel you’re exerting too much effort without getting the results you’re expecting? I hope my two cents about my little cruise might be of help.

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