Masolon is Coming Back, Folks!

I know I have been a bit quiet for a while, so first of all, I’m here to declare I’m still breathing. I was just immersed in the world of Gorania with that guy on the cover below.

After releasing The Warrior’s Path in October 2017, I thought I could make the sequel ready for publishing in two months or three, tops, but obviously, I was wrong. Anyway, I’m satisfied with the product I have right now, which will still need to undergo a few rounds of editing and proofreading before it is ready for publishing.

So, any clues about the new book? Title? Plot? Release date? Sure, I will be revealing all of this. The only hint I can give away right now is the setting: it is not Murase this time.

Map of Gorania

Among the six realms of Gorania—Koya doesn’t count, you know—we will spend most of book 2 wandering between the cities of one particular realm. You’re welcome to guess it!

Until we meet again. Stay tuned!

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