Sequel Release Date!

Alright then, I was determined to not come back without news after all these months.

So, where should I start from?

First of all, the entire series is having a new look. Haven’t you seen that magnificent greatsword yet? It’s pommel, I mean…

So, was I in hibernation the most of 2018 to get a new cover? Of course not. I got FOUR new covers by the way 🙂 But surely, that wasn’t the real reason for my unusual quietness.

Right after finishing Queen of Rebels, Book 2 in Tales of Gorania, I dove into book 3 without a timeout. I also allowed myself to tweak The Warrior’s Path a little bit, adding a few scenes that I couldn’t help writing. With the index of maps and kingdoms at the end of the book, I can say that the current edition of The Warrior’s Path looks 99% of what I’d like to see. (I’m keeping this 1% just in case I change my mind. Again.)

The new edition of The Warrior’s Path is already live, in both kindle and paperback formats. As for Queen of Rebels, it is scheduled to go live on October 18. Mark your calendars, folks!

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