Queen of Rebels: Cover & Blurb Revealed!

If you missed the news, Masolon is coming back on October 18. The second book of Tales of Gorania, Queen of Rebels, is now live on Amazon for preorder!

Check the cover designed by the amazing Stefanie Saw.

One girl loses her family. An entire kingdom is going to pay.

While Masolon seeks a new start in his peaceful exile, he finds himself trapped in a horrendous civil war devastating the Bermanian realm. A murdered girl from his village awakens his dormant demon, provoking him to defy the rebels and their bloodthirsty queen who will do whatever it takes to claim the Bermanian throne. Whatever it takes; like for instance, erasing a whole village from existence.

Against a titanic army of seasoned soldiers, Masolon has to defend his village with a bunch of gullible peasants. In a battle he can never win, his death could be the only way to spare the lives of hundreds. But it might unleash what the ancient Tales of Gorania have been warning about since the beginning of time.

Feeling curious to know what the ARC reviewers think about Queen of Rebels? Check their reviews on Goodreads.

Until we meet again.

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