The World of Gorania: Before Goran

We are still enjoying the company of Kuslov, Master of all Trackers. Check the previous sessions here and here if you missed them.

Lesson 3: The Origins of Goranian Realms

Goranians before Goran were not fond of writing, so all we know about them are tales that are closer to myths than facts.

Each faction has its own story about its origins that has nothing to do with those of other factions. While the Skandivians claim they descend from the ancient giants that lived in the north, the Rusakians believe that their ancestors were molded by the ice of the Frozen Forest. Some idiots among my people even believe that ice runs through their veins, and that’s why nobody except them can stand the Rusakian cold. Come on! I was cut many times before, and all I spilled was a red, warm liquid called blood. I told you I’m a Rusakian, didn’t I?

Most of the clerics believe we all descend from one common ancestor who lived in the lands of Gorania before it earned its name thousands of thousands of years ago. The Bermanian clerics say that common ancestor had come from their western shores—you know those proud Bermanians would seize every possible opportunity to attribute glory to themselves. The Murasens have another theory: the first ancestors were a dozen men and women who had come from the lands beyond the Great Desert long time before it turned into a cursed harbor for demons. A couple resided in the desert that would become a few centuries later the Kingdom of Murase, while the rest spread across what would become the other five kingdoms of Gorania. And by the other five kingdoms, I mean Mankola, Rusakia, Skandivia, Bermania, and Byzonta. No, my friend, Koya is not part of Gorania, I told you before.

You know something, I tend to believe most of the Murasens’ tale about our ancestors, not just because it sounds more reasonable than those of the Icemen and the Sons of Giants; it’s that warrior I have met a long time ago. I told you about him, didn’t I? No? You should pay more attention to my talking. If you think I will stay in this damned tavern for you forever, then you are wrong!

Blast! What was I talking about? Aye, the warrior. Now you pay attention— good for you. The first time that warrior claimed he had come from beyond the Great Desert I didn’t pay him much heed. But you know why I later started to believe his tale? Not because he didn’t seem to belong to any of the six factions. He looked as if he belonged to all of them. At first glance, you may think he is a Mankol because of his silky hair. But his Bermanian skin tone makes you doubt your first impression. Then you have a closer look at his face and you realize he is a Byzont, but a Byzont with a Skandivian muscular built. You got my point now. No? Blast! What I want to say that he could be a proof for the Murasen perspective of the common ancestor’s theory.

You want to meet him? Hah! I’m afraid that is not possible right now!

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