Sequel title decided, by you!

The search for the title of Army of the Cursed sequel is over! Before I announce it, I’d like to thank all who voted for their favorite title. Hopefully, you liked your little surprise on the “Thank You” page 😉

Honestly, I still like both titles, but since the people have spoken, it is not my decision any longer.

If May the Fourth is official Star Wars day, I propose we make June Sixth  (6/6) official Prequels day : PrequelMemes

Alrighty then. Behold! The winning title is:

TATTERED BANNERS! The sequel has a name now! Thanks again to all who participated in the voting.

At this very moment, the first draft of Tattered Banners is 41% complete. I should be able to finish it by the last week of June before it undergoes a few rounds of editing/polishing/proofreading. My plan is to get the ARCs (Advance Review Copies) ready in August before the book release in September.

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