Tattered Banners is live! And my sequelphobia

Yeah, baby! If you are one of those who pre-ordered Tattered Banners, then your copy must have appeared on your device last Tuesday already!

About my “Sequelphobia” 

Reviews are trickling in before Release Day, and they are all good news! While everything said about this book is amazing so far, this particular quote is the one that I have been waiting for:

“…even better than the first.”

I must admit that beating The Warrior’s Path (Bk1 in Tales of Gorania) was a much easier job, where the conflict was limited to one main character seeking a way of redemption. That gave me room in the following three books to gradually expand the scale of the conflict with the introduction of more players and more playgrounds to the game until we had an ultimate climax with the fourth book Kingdoms of Ash.   

The case is different with Army of the Cursed. We have three main characters starting in three different places, but eventually, they cross paths as they fight for the survival of mankind. For a first book in a series, the stakes and the scope of the story are already high! Now you understand why I have been anxious about making Tattered Banners grander, more epic. And hence, my sequelphobia 🙂

I’m glad the anxiety is over. Because I have books to write.

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